Don't let a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis dull your sparkle.

I'm here to show you the ropes and light the way.

A rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis comes with a glut of obstacles, adjustments, and complications that sometimes appear out of the blue —my goal? To make these challenges feel run of the mill for you!

I help you to cope with your symptoms, feel more in control of your life and build a toolkit of complementary therapies so that you can

💖 Feel like yourself again

💖 Stop the worry and stress in its tracks when it inevitably raises its head

💖 Be a fabulous, confident woman who just happens to have rheumatoid arthritis

I’m Aisling

And, if you have a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and are ready to up the ante on self-care, stress management, and generally bring some joy and peace of mind back to your life, then you are in the right place, fellow spoonie!

I show women just like you how to take the reins of your own wellbeing—all while sprinkling in a little motivation and self-reflection,  without all the noise and misinformation that circulates the internet

My Mission

To normalise using complementary therapies as a support tool for women with a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis.

Here’s why you can trust me!

I’m Aisling. I’m a mum of 2 and was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2016. Like you, I struggled with lots of day-to-day tasks until I was able to get my symptoms under control. My focus now is on keeping flares at bay as best I can. For me, this means stress management, lots of self-care, and having lots of holistic strategies that I can implement when I feel a flare-up building or if I’m generally feeling under the weather.

I wholeheartedly believe that medication is necessary for the management of my disease and for preventing joint damage. BUT, it’s just not enough for me. I need ways to cope with my chronic illness, to feel motivated, and most importantly to feel that I am still in control of my life.

I searched and searched for programs like the Mindful Arthritis Method and the Tapping Lab when I was first diagnosed and I couldn’t find anything. So, I had to learn how to do it myself. 

I use all of the techniques that I share with you in this program every day, depending on the time I have and how I feel. Here are some ways they have helped me

🍃 I am better able to cope with flare-up triggers like stress, grief, anger, or interrupted sleep so I can feel like my normal self 

🍃 I am able to prioritise myself and be more assertive about my own health needs with others 

🍃 I have built fantastic self-care routines to use throughout the day that gives me a sense of control

And here is a sample of the ways that I use them

👉 To stay positive, motivated, and energised 

👉 To keep my skin feeling glowy and healthy as medication can REALLY take its toll

👉 To keep stress and anxiety under control. 

👉 To try to soothe the pain and stiffness in between painkillers when a flare is in full force.  

👉 To help calm a nauseous stomach from both pain and medication side effects.

👉 To carry me through a cloud of fatigue when all I want to do is sleep.

👉 To help with clearing congestion from sinus infections that I have become more prone to.

Rheumatoid arthritis and sleep