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Most Holistic/Complementary Therapists charge hundreds for this kind of value. But I decided to create a membership every woman with an autoimmune disease could afford for just €7/month


I feel you, friend! You lived with these symptoms for a LONG time and you may have been relieved to finally get a diagnosis that explained what was going on with you but that didn’t fix anything because you’re still feeling like…

✅ You are sometimes hit with overwhelming tiredness. You even feel exhausted when you’re lying down! AND, this often happens when you’re busy at work or have something exciting planned…you don’t have time to be tired!

✅ There are days when you are finished with work that you have nothing left to give and so you plonk the kids in front of the TV rather than play with them, or reach for a takeaway rather than cook a nutritious dinner (and this is NOT your fault!)

✅ There are weeks when you feel like you are existing rather than enjoying life.

✅ On bad days, you get ALL the emotions about what has happened to you. Fear. Grief. Anger. Resentment.

✅ On good days, you feel like a fraud. After all, there are people who have it so much worse than you, you really can’t complain, can you?

✅ Stress and overwhelm are a constant presence, like unwanted guests that just wont go home

✅ Complementary therapies are only for people who wear tie-dye and love conspiracy theories

But OMG… you just want something to change, don’t you? When is life going to get easier? Is it even possible to live a normal live again now that you are diagnose with an autoimmune disease?

Or you could invite energy back into your life using a tried & tested method to help you prioritise self care and slay your stress levels.

Here is what happens when you do that:

✨ You feel that you have regained control of your life

✨ You feel more energised

✨ You feel excited and motivated to do the things that you love to do​

✨ You are a better mum, wife, sister, girlfriend…all the things you want to be for the people you love

✨ You look forward to making plans for the future ​

✨ You love and accept yourself

✨ You don’t feel guilty anymore for spending time and money on yourself…you deserve it

Hi there, I’m Aisling! I’m a Complementary therapist and EFT Practitioner. I’m also a mum of two and have an autoimmune disease. These days I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, have all of the spoons I need to get through the day and to take care of my family and myself. I feel like I’m living a normal and thriving life but…

I’ll be honest with you

Getting to this point wasn’t easy

When I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I felt overwhelmed, stressed and anxious. I worried about the future all the time. I worried I would become a burden.


So I tried 👇👇


➡️ using some essential oils but I really didn’t know what I was doing and honestly, I wasn’t sure how I felt about complementary therapies. After all, I have a masters in science, I should know better shouldn’t I?

➡️ going for a massage when I had the time and energy. This felt great at the time but the benefits waned so quickly afterward that I forgot how good it made me feel

➡️ following my doctors advice (and I still do…to the letter!) but I needed more than that. I wanted a way of supporting myself through this whole process

And that’s when I finally realised…

I started using these therapies at home and I finally was able to get a handle on my stress levels.

It became very clear to me the more and more that I integrated these therapies into my daily life, that prioritising at least 30 mins everyday to do this for myself was essential to my physical, emotional and mental health.

This wasn’t an easy task as a mum of 2 young children at the time. But, I was determined to prioritise this time for myself. I was determined to prioritise my own self care.

 And now? I feel in control of my own life. I focus on the future and having fun.

And the best part?

 Of course, my autoimmune disease is still part of my life but I manage it, it doesn’t manage me

 So what does this mean for you?

It turns out that how you respond to stress is the single biggest factor that you can control in helping to reduce autoimmune flares.


One study involving 92 patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis, noted that 45.5% of them cited physcological stress as the cause of symptom flares.


The life-changing stress reduction path

The exact steps for a woman with an autoimmune disease to take charge of your life again using complementary therapies.

Welcome to…

the Autoimmune Circle

The membership for autoimmune warriors who are ready to start living life on their own terms without the constant worry about “what if”.


When you join the Autoimmune Circle…

You get everything you need to quickly start reducing stress levels so that you can take charge of your life & your autoimmune disease.

✅ 9 bitesize lessons where you will get clear on the power of complementary therapies, understand how stress works and why you need to manage it, kickstart your self-care plan and lay the foundations for your very own holistic toolkit – all so that you can finally take charge of your life.

✅ Planners, journals and worksheets so that you can understand, plan and start using complementary therapies​ and show those stress levels whose boss!

✅ An ever-growing resource library with scripts, workbooks, templates and planners that you can always refer back to…take that brain fog!

✅ Access to the private Autoimmune Circle Facebook™ group for accountability, connection & support​ because no one should go through this alone and your loved ones don’t understand what it’s like to live with an autoimmune disease.

✅ Live Q&A session every month ​so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

✅ A new training, workshop, planner or tool every month so that you can keep learning new ways to support yourself when you feel stressed or overwhelmed.

Get instant access to

All of these resources


Stop struggling alone. Become part of a powerful community, take advantage of support, understanding, compassion, and empathy and always be up to date on the latest ways to use complementary therapies safely with your autoimmune disease

I am so convinced of the strategies and tools shared in the autoimmune circle because they helped me to completely change my life and focus on myself instead of my autoimmune disease.

I have a question for you…

What if I can help you to get just one day with less stress this month?

I love celebrating our members’ wins…

But I also love that you can fund a whole year of the Autoimmune Circle for significantly less than the cost of one cup of coffee a week..

And lets all agree right now that prioritising ourselves and our health is worth at least the cost of one cup of coffee a week


👉 The Autoimmune Circle is for two specific people

The woman with an autoimmune disease who wants to reduce stress so that she can start living the life she had BEFORE the autoimmune disease symptoms started

The woman with an autoimmune disease that feels stuck and isn’t sure how complementary therapies can help her on her journey to taking hold of the reins of her life

Join the Autoimmune Circle!

You don’t need to be a hippy, howl at the moon or believe in conspiracy theories to become a woman who manages her autoimmune disease by reducing stress using complementary therapies.

With a step by step process that takes you on a journey from what to why to how you will become a calmer, happier woman that just happens to have an autoimmune disease. No biggie!

Today’s Price = Only €7

What they say

If you’re asking yourself…

“I already bought so many things that didn’t help me and why do I need the Autoimmune Circle?”

Then let me tell you this:

➡️ This is nothing like the things you’ve bought before​

➡️ This will help you to flip the switch from stressed and anxious to relaxed and calm

➡️ This will allow you to get the accountability, support, and compassion to become an even better mum, sister etc that looks after herself to be able to look after others​

➡️ This doesn’t only give you theory and knowledge it also gives you worksheets, journals, and step by step instructional videos that you can use instantly to kick stress to the curb

➡️ You aren’t in this alone anymore. Be part of a supportive community of amazing women that are on the same journey.​

➡️ This costs less than a couple of cups of coffee at Starbucks but unlike the coffee, this has the potential to change your whole life by taking you from frazzled and stressed to calm and collected.

Today’s Price = Only €7

I swear by all the strategies and therapies that I share with you in the Autoimmune Circle because they made me a happier, more optimistic woman who just happens to be living with an autoimmune disease… and I want the same for you!

Go from being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do ➤➤➤
to leaping out of bed every morning with a smile on your face and excitement in your heart.

Stop turning to to figure out how to reduce your stress levels, sleep better, and all the other obstacles you are trying to jump over ➤➤➤ have a qualified complementary therapist, EFT practitioner -who knows EXACTLY how you feel- in your corner showing you EXACTLY what you need to do

Stop fighting alone ➤➤➤ get support, understanding, accountability, compassion, and empathy in our amazing members-only community.

Frequently asked questions

Q: I  have just found out that I have an autoimmune disease. Will this work for me?

A: Yes, this works especially well if you have just recently found out you have an autoimmune disease because right now, you have the opportunity to set the habits that will help you manage this disease for the rest of your life.

Q: I’ve tried working with holistic therapists before and they encouraged me to stop taking medication. What’s your approach?

A: I will never encourage you to stop your medication. That is solely a decision between you and your doctor. The Autoimmune Circle only shows you how to support yourself using complementary therapies. As an aside, I have a BSc in Chemistry & MSc in Biopharmaceutical Science so I value and appreciate the power of medication. I believe these wonderful therapies that I share with you should be used to complement your health care plan, whatever you choose that to be.

Q: How much support is included?

A: There is 48hr (Mon-Fri) written support included which means that you will get all your questions answered within our members-only support group within 2 days. Remember that I am also an autoimmune warrior and need to mange my stress levels too 😉. I will always try to answer sooner but I guarantee 48hrs.

Q: Can I wait and join later?

A: Yes, you can but the price might increase.

Q: Do I need to purchase a bunch of tools to make this work?

A: No, this is a beginner and budget-friendly program. I will, of course, share some useful tools e.g. essential oils but you don’t have to purchase them all. You can pick and choose what, if anything, you want to purchase.

Q: When will I get access?

A: You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase and will get access to the private facebook group within 48 hours.

Q: Can I cancel the membership?

A: Yes, you can cancel at anytime. Please check the Terms & Conditions for more info

Q: Where can I read the Terms & Conditions before I purchase?

A: Great question! Please see them here

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