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Body Mapping - understand how you feel about every part of your body


Body Autobiography - Capture your body's story, understanding how your feelings towards it ebbs and flows.


Body Gratitude Exercises - to help you cherish every part, big or smallroup


Emotional Check-In - A space to recognise and navigate your feelings, fostering self-awareness.


Letter to Your Body - Pen down your love and understanding, fostering deeper connection.


Activity Exploration Guide - Discover joyous ways to move and appreciate your body's capabilities.


Personal Mantra Creation - Craft powerful words that resonate, becoming your daily anchor of self-love.

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Altered Paths: Finding My Footing in a Changed Body €7.00

Chakra Balancing Journal

Price €27: Meet the Chakra Balancing Journal! It’s like your personal helper for feeling calm and understanding yourself better. I’ve packed it with easy-to-follow exercises, helpful hints about your chakras, and places for you to jot down your thoughts and feelings. And the best part? It’s a Google Doc, so you can fill it out anywhere, anytime. With our journal, you’ll discover how to keep your chakras happy and balanced.

Empowering Affirmations

Price €27: Ready for an easier life that’s free from the struggles of life with rheumatoid arthritis? Duh, of course you are, you’re tired of living with the burden of it every day! This power-packed product, the Empowering Affirmation Cards, rounds out the perfect addition to your self-care routine. Made using uplifting and empowering language, these downloadable and printable cards offer 50 affirmations specifically crafted for women with autoimmune disease. The ready-to-print cards are convenient and easily accessible, allowing you to incorporate them seamlessly into your daily routine. So take a moment to prioritise your well-being, and enjoy the benefits of positive self-talk with these powerful affirmation cards.

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