🌟 Overwhelmed by RA? Let’s Turn That Around! 🌟

Do you feel like rheumatoid arthritis is running your life? If you’re nodding, know this: you’re in good company, and it’s absolutely okay to crave better days—days filled with laughter and ease, even with RA.

What Can You Expect from This Free Coaching Call?

In our 50-minute session, we’ll dive into:

Tackling Your Biggest RA Challenge: You know that one RA issue that just won’t let up? Let’s focus on that. We’ll dissect it together and lay out a plan to overcome it.

Visualise Your Best Day: What does a fulfilling day look like for you, even with RA? Let’s imagine that ideal day together – a day where you feel in control, balanced, and happy. We’ll map out steps to help you experience more days like this.

A Personalised Action Plan: Our call ends, but your journey to better days begins. You’ll leave with a straightforward plan – simple steps that can make a real difference from day one.

Why Invest Time in a Free Coaching Call?

Absolutely Free, Absolutely About You: No hidden fees, no strings attached. This is your time—a genuine, supportive conversation focused on you.

Customised Care, Not Cookie-Cutter Advice: Your life, your challenges with RA. Our talk revolves around your unique needs.

More Than Just Coping: We’re shooting for the stars here—finding joy, not just making do, despite your RA.

Walk Away with a Tangible Plan: No vague ideas, but a real, actionable strategy you can implement immediately.

Are You Ready for a Shift?

RA shouldn’t dictate your life’s story. One call could be the start of your journey to a life where you’re in control, not your RA.

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Hey, I’m Aisling…

I’m a mom of two and have been navigating the challenges of Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2016. Just like you, I’ve faced the everyday struggles that come with RA. But with my rheumatologist’s help, I’ve learned to manage my symptoms effectively. My personal journey has been about minimising flare-ups through stress management, self-care, and a variety of holistic strategies that I turn to whenever I feel a flare-up looming or just feel off.

I firmly believe in the necessity of medication to manage this disease and prevent joint damage. Yet, for me, medication alone isn’t the whole answer. I need tools to cope with chronic illness, ways to stay motivated, and above all, to maintain control over my life.

That’s why White Rose Holistic has evolved from an in-person holistic therapy service to an online sanctuary offering both support and coaching to women with rheumatoid arthritis across the globe.

Here, it’s not just about treatment; it’s about empowerment and learning. My services are uniquely crafted for women battling RA, combining professional coaching with holistic therapies. It’s about creating a space where you can discover practical strategies and embrace a community that understands and supports you.

At White Rose Holistic, it’s more than just a service; it’s a community. It’s about finding that missing piece in your RA management puzzle, bringing positivity, education, and support to every aspect of your journey. Together, let’s discover what truly makes a difference in living with RA.

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