Build your routines


I’ve got some goodies for you – the Build your Routine workbook in both a PDF and a Google Doc! If you’re feeling tech-savvy, the Google Doc is perfect for you to fill in on your device. But if you’re more old-school and love the feel of a pen in your hand, the PDF is just what you need.

I’m all about improving and making things better, so I’d be over the moon if you could let me know which one you prefer! Pop over to our Facebook group and leave your feedback – it’ll be super helpful in making sure we give you exactly what you need in the future. Thanks a bunch, and have fun! 

Oh, and heads up – I haven’t made a video on how to use the Google Doc. But, if that’s something you’re interested in, just holler and let me know! I’m here to help you out and make your learning journey as fun and easy as possible. Let’s gooo!