To all you resilient women facing autoimmune challenges-I’m here for you.

Guess what? Your body’s not against you – it’s with you through every ache and challenge.

Believe it or not, your body’s got your back. It’s time to tune in, find that harmony, and make every twist and turn a duet instead of a solo.

Introducing…Body Positivity Journal

With the body positivity journal, you’ll see you’ve got the best teammate ever. Let’s tackle this journey side by side.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

πŸ’” Honestly, I feel like I’m drowning sometimes. Between all the meds, appointments, and just trying to feel okay, it’s like a never-ending cycle

πŸ’” Sometimes, I just feel so alone in all this. It’s like even when people try to get it, they just can’t fully understand what I’m going through

πŸ’” It’s maddening, you know? One day I’m okay, the next I’m not. I just wish I had some control over what my body’s doing

πŸ’” It’s not just the tiredness from the disease; it’s like an emotional exhaustion. Managing all of this just wears me out

πŸ’” I hate that I have to cancel on people or take more sick days. I feel like I’m constantly letting people down

πŸ’” Some days, I’m just so mad. Like, why did my body turn on me? It feels like the universe is playing a cruel joke or something.

πŸ’” It’s hard when people don’t see what’s happening inside. They probably think I’m making it up, and it’s like I’m constantly on the defensive.

πŸ’” I can’t help but worry about what’s next. Will it get worse? How will this affect my future, my relationships

Been there, felt that? Perfect. Stay with me, because you’re gonna love this. Say hello to the Body Positivity Journal.


What to expect


26 Pages

It boasts 26 thoughtfully crafted sheets, each tailored to guide and support you on your journey. Dive into a wide range of exercises, reflections, and affirmations, all curated to help you reconnect with and celebrate your body. It’s more than a journal; it’s a roadmap to self-love


Easy To Use

Delivered as a Google Doc, it’s effortlessly accessible and editable right from your device. Dive in at your own pace, fill out exercises, and customise it to fit your journey β€” no overwhelming setups or complicated tools.


A friend on your journey

The Body Positivity Journal is like a friend on your journey, making autoimmune challenges feel a bit brighter.Unlike regular journals, this is filled with personalised exercises, helping you rebuild and cherish your bond with your body every step of the way.

Body Positivity Journal

A 26 page journal designed especially for women with autoimmune disease

If you’re tired of battling symptoms, juggling family responsibilities, and struggling with your career on those tough days, know this: every page you fill in this journal will help lighten that load. Promise.

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Body Mapping - By understanding how you feel about every part of your body, you can pinpoint areas of stress or discomfort, bringing clarity and making everything seem less overwhelming


Body Autobiography - Writing down your body's journey lets you see how your feelings change. It's like a reminder that you're not on this journey by yourself.


Body Gratitude Exercises - These activities help you love all of you. By being thankful, you feel better about yourself and care less about what others think.


Emotional Check-In - Having a dedicated space to recognise and navigate your feelings provides a controlled environment to process frustration, leading to greater self-awareness.


Letter to Your Body - Jotting down how you feel helps you connect better with yourself. Writing it out lets you let go of guilt and see all your body's been through.


Activity Exploration Guide - Find fun ways to move that make you feel good and focus on what you can do, not what tires you out.


Personal Mantra Creation - Making your own strong words can be your everyday positive boost, turning anger into loving and cheering yourself on

Normally €37 but purchase today for €7!

For every tough day, there’s a page here to help you bounce back.

Body Positivity Journal

A 26 page journal designed especially for women with autoimmune disease

Let each page be your daily dose of self-care and reflection.

Normally €37 but purchase today for €7!

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You? Amazing. Let’s get you seeing and feeling it, too

My journey to self love

When I was first diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, it felt like my body had betrayed me. Month after month, anger and disappointment became my constant companions. But one day, it dawned on me: my body was battling alongside me, not against me. It too was enduring the pain and strain. That’s when I realized how crucial it was to not only understand my body but to love and respect it. By embracing it with compassion, I found a path to feeling betterβ€”both physically and emotionally. I wanted to share that journey with others, leading to the creation of this Body Positivity Journal.

Now, I invite you to find your own path of healing and self-love with this journal, a gentle guide to embracing your body and its incredible journey.

Kind Words

Body Positivity Journal

A 26 page journal designed especially for women with autoimmune disease

More than just pixels on a screen; it’s the start of your healing journey.


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