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The Arthritis Retreat is a masterclass series that lets you experience the power of complementary therapies and a brand-new way to approach living with arthritis.

How to stop pain in feet


  • There are days when you struggle with overwhelming tiredness– sometimes you feel tired even lying down
  • After a hard day at work, you’ve got nothing left in your tank and so the kids end up in front of the TV instead of playing with you
  • Sometimes simply holding the steering wheel, peeling veg, pressing buttons, walking up and down stairs, holding the phone, or using your computer mouse really hurts. Why is all this everyday stuff so difficult and painful?
  • You lay awake at night, so desperate for sleep but unable to relax and get good shut-eye that you could cry. You cannot get comfortable or switch off the endless chatter of your mind. 
  • You feel so lonely because your friends and family don’t understand what you are dealing with, despite their best efforts and good intentions.

In the immortal words of Ronan Keating “Life is a rollercoaster, just gotta ride it”. You’ve felt this time and again since your diagnosis. No matter what you do, you feel that you have lost control and the rheumatoid arthritis rollercoaster could turn your whole world upside down in a flash.

No shade at Ronan but life with rheumatoid arthritis doesn’t have to be a rollercoaster!


  • You felt heard and understood by someone who understands exactly what you are going through.
  • You look to the future with a big, cheesy smile on your face
  • You’re excited to go to that music festival or take that big trip that you’ve wanted to do for years.
  • You know that you have the tools to face a flare-up with your head raised high – you know how to soothe, motivate and relax whenever you need to
How to stop arthritis pain in feet

All of this is possible for you!


3 Masterclasses jam-packed with ideas and tips to start building your own holistic toolkit.

✅  “How can Complementary Therapies help Rheumatoid Arthritis?”

✅  “How to use Aromatherapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis”

✅  “Tapping for Stress and Anxiety”


Hi, I’m Aisling

I help women with rheumatoid arthritis cope with their symptoms so that they feel happier, more confident, and in control of their lives. Having struggled to find anyone who could help me implement holistic strategies for coping with my own rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, I learned how to do it myself. Now, I offer one-to-one online programs to help other women build their own holistic toolbox to support themselves as they need to. My mission is to normalise using complementary therapies as a support tool for women with rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis warrior

Let’s help get you off that rollercoaster and into a more balanced, calmer, and happier life