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Autoimmune Circle 

A monthly membership where you get everything you need to quickly start reducing stress levels so that you can take charge of your life & your autoimmune disease.


Autoimmune Circle Pro

Unlock The Potential Of Complementary Therapies And Build Your Very Own Custom Coping Strategies With The Cutting-Edge Membership For Women With Autoimmune Disease.

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Mindful Autoimmune Method

A 1-1 package designed specifically for women with autoimmune disease who want to shake up their self-care, keep stress levels low AND master a ton of coping mechanisms for when flares hit.

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Tapping/EFT sessions

Looking for some EFT sessions? Look no further! Check out your options right here. With my friendly and supportive approach, you’ll feel right at home as we explore the wonderful world of EFT together. So what are you waiting for? 

**Note: Discounts are offered to Autoimmune Circle Pro members so if you are a member be sure to use the link in the members area!!

Downloadable Content

Looking for planners, workbooks and short masterclasses? I got you, friend! Stay tuned because this will be coming soon!


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